• Filterable Search Ideas – now you can filter through millions of search results in our database and narrow down your search to find the most interesting links. NOTE: This is a Professional feature and is only available publicly temporarily during testing!
  • Amazon Sales Estimate Indicator – now available for each listing in numerous places throughout the platform. NOTE: This is a Professional feature and is only available publicly temporarily during testing!
  • Gift status and gift details for orders – now you can see if the buyer requested this order as a gift and any additional gift details (Gift Message, Gift Wrap Level, Gift Wrap Price)
  • Import inventory from Orders History – extremely helpful tool to extract inventory links from your Amazon and eBay orders history.
    For newcomers – great to start if there is existing orders history. For active users – great to run periodically to capture orders you made manually and did not / forgot to add that item to inventory link
  • Max Position Deviation for inventory link – Keep BB / Reprice BB repricing strategy option that allows to define maximum deviation from the BB price position to still remain on the listing
  • Import inventory for flipping (Amazon > Amazon) – although this feature is not quite new and it was available for a while already, but it has made it to the update report just now


  • Added “New” offers count graph to BSR chart
  • Mark “Back-ordered, due on…” Amazon listings as not available for purchase (if chosen as source for flipping)
  • Support new eBay log-in captcha for Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare (FunCaptcha)
  • Retrieve actual (or close to actual) inventory stock quantity for Amazon source listing offers (for flipping sources)
  • Significantly improved large import performance (some imports that took 15 hours to complete now take ~20 minutes)
  • Significantly improved stability and speed of Amazon items retrieval

  • Significant improvements to batch search speed (roughly 4 times!)
  • Significant performance improvements to working with large inventory up to 25,000 inventory links (still working on improvements for even larger inventory – up to 50,000 links)
  • Chain all mail messages from same person in single thread
  • Support special cases when some Amazon sellers do not show price (until item is put to cart)
  • Improved configuring, reconnecting and collecting Amazon Traffic statistics
  • Added “Detach from Group” button to Connected Accounts – now you don’t have to contact Support when you need to separate account groups
  • Added ability to apply batch actions to ALL inventory links, not just currently visible on the page
  • Added filtering orders by flipping and tracking status

  • For compatibility with Amazon MWS policies, we now delete buyer data for orders older than 30 days

  • Allow reconfirm shipping even if the parcel has already beed delivered
  • Made orders financial summary excerpt (on My Orders view header) visible to those with Sales Report permission

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug for some users that made new offers to be added to other marketplaces (CA / MX) instead of US.
  • Fixed bugs with editing inventory links and adding some specific Amazon / eBay items
  • Fixed bug that made “Referral Program” page load too for long for some users
  • Fixed filtering batch search results by similarity
  • Periodic fixes to TopCashback and BeFrugal cashbacks
  • Fixed checking brands in item titles
  • As usual, lots of other minor bug fixes and improvements