•  FBA / Prime / Business Buyer orders status identification and support + corresponding filters in Orders
  • Added Shipping Service Category information to order – Same Day, Second Day, Expedited, Standard etc., as well as Premium Shipping
  • Auto-Purchase any eBay item, even if it’s not in the inventory link – eg. if you need to send some additional part, replacement or a gift to the buyer
  • Auto-Purchase additional items after initial purchase – you can now start auto-purchase even if the order is fulfilled or even shipped. This lets you easily purchase additional items for your order if needed (before you had to purchase and link manually)
  • Auto-Purchase now works with delivery to other countries – before you could only auto-purchase orders within US
  • Evenly distribute Auto-Purchase orders between configured eBay accounts
    – for automatic Auto-Purchase – see Amazon account settings
    – for batch Auto-Purchase – for selected orders on My Orders
  • Sales level estimate on Batch Search results – this Professional-only feature allows you to easily observe and notice listings with truly good sales on a scale 0 to 9 (instead of looking at bare BSR values)
  • New interactive BSR chart with zoom-in option
  • Brief cash flow summary on My Orders > Unshipped (Expected Revenue and Pledged Funds)
  • Delivery days monitoring in Inventory Changes – stay alert when your sellers switch from eg. 5 to 15 days delivery


  • Added Manually Fulfilled filter to My Orders filters
  • Show batch search matched results count along with all results directly in batch search status line – to easily identify searches with good number of matches
  • Additional configurable permissions for Access Control:
    – Show store name (for researches with Search access only)
    – Access to Inventory Analysis report
    – Access to Sales report
  • Major performance improvements to eBay orders linking (from 30 down to 2 minutes for some users with 10+ eBay accounts)
  • It is now possible to disconnect unused / blocked eBay accounts even if there are unshipped orders through these accounts
  • Added Fulfillment Order URL, eBay Account and Payment Account columns to orders export
  • If you have more than $50 on your balance, you can now request withdrawal to Payoneer
  • Further improved Amazon variations handling (up to 10 000 variations)
  • Continuous current performance improvements to Amazon Best Sellers, Batch Search, Brands, Orders sections and others

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Amazon multi-page parsers after new category design updates on Amazon
  • Max BSR % filter value was not saved along with other filters after page refresh on Batch Search
  • Fixed eBay seller name retrieval from eBay item page (created duplicates in some cases)
  • Fixed Pay with Payoneer not working for some users
  • Fixed some errors with merging inventory links and accepting links submitted for review by researchers
  • Fixed adding 2 or more “Other Source” items to an inventory link
  • Numerous other minor fixes and improvements