• Referral Program – we have finally officially launched our Referral Program for you to get rewarded for recommending our service! You get 10% of our profits from users you refer, forever! Read more…
  • Full support of Amazon listing variations – now we support any kind of listing variations on Amazon!
  • Auto-confirm with blank tracking number – if seller shipped without tracking, the system can now confirm shipping automatically with blank tracking as well right away or with a 24-48 hrs delay. Once (if) the seller adds real tracking – the system will use it to confirm or re-confirm


  • Checking inventory links Archive when adding new inventory links – you will be notified about that to prevent adding problem/deleted items (you can still continue saving the new link)
  • Now you can easily start Batch Search by list of all your unlinked inventory. Extremely useful if you want to import your current inventory into the system, but don’t have a Amazon / eBay items spreadsheet to import
  • Improved the way we determine Amazon listings as missing or merged (due to ASIN merge / aggregation) If a listing is permanently removed from Amazon or is merged with other listing – you will get such notification in Inventory Changes (even if regular changes monitoring is disabled)
  • You can now search inventory links by Amazon seller ID and eBay item location (in addition to other criteria)
  • Major performance improvement when reading listings with lots of variations (dozens or even hundreds)
  • Seamless starting Batch Search by eBay / Amazon seller in just one click
  • Added employee name to inventory link card who added / suggested it
  • Added Seller Name column to orders export spreadsheet (seller name you bought from)
  • Further server infrastructure expansion, database optimization and clustering to ensure smooth performance with growing user base and activity
  • Numerous smaller improvements and fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that produced extra HTML characters in reply when replying to buyer messages (on some accounts receiving new Amazon HTML buyer messages)
  • Fixed and improved our parsers to support new Amazon / eBay pages structure updates