Other updates:

  • BeFrugal cashback support
  • Show current profit and commission fee rate for the current billing month, as well as for any other month since you started working


  • Major improvements to Batch Search look and performance
  • Greatly improved starting individual item search (both by clicking Search icon or from Search > Single Item Search menu)
  • Verify Login for eBay accounts now makes verification separately for both Auto-Purchase and Auto-Prepare. Additionally, for safety of your eBay account the system will prevent checking logging in if you did less than 10 orders manually
  • You can now manually link fulfillment orders from eBay even if the count differs (if multipliers match)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with checking some of your custom blacklisted brands in some cases
  • Fixed a bug that prevented monitoring eBay item changes
  • Fixed eBay search to conform with the latest changes to search results view on eBay
  • Fixed incorrect Buy Box identification in some cases
  • As usual, numerous other performance and UI / UX fixes and improvements