• You can now export Inventory Analysis report to Excel to analyze it further in any preferable way
  • You can now control Inventory Changes feature – you can disable / enable it, choose which details to monitor for changes, and whether to temporarily disable item until decision is made
  • Bunch of other improvements to Analysis Report (multi-select / delete, 1-click access per-item report from My Inventory view, profit calculation fixes)
  • Major improvement to search – compare all images to better identify matching products
  • Added inventory link custom note to Back-Order Now screen – so that you can see your inventory link custom note before you start back-order
  • Made Blacklists logic global for entire group (instead of per-user)
  • Made order note and inventory link note multi-line text areas for your convenience
  • Added delivery estimate to Back-Order Now view
  • Further stability and performance improvements to Search
  • Support eBay login Captcha on the new eBay login form
  • Improvements and refinements to Manage Access

Bug Fixes

  • A whole bunch of UI / UX fixes and improvements
  • Fixed My Mailbox “No Response Needed” button functionality after changes on Amazon
  • Fixed a bug sending feedback emails when order tracking is invalid
  • Fixed erroneous clearing order tracking mismatch error
  • Fixed eBay item delivery estimate for date ranges in some cases