• Inventory Analysis report – summary for each listing you’re selling (traffic, sales, refunds, profits, expenses and more) + historical overview of your price / position changes on the listing for any given period. This long-awaited report lets you easily filter and clean up your unsold inventory and improve your selling items. Also, now you can filter sales by links added by your workers (eg. to calculate bonus etc.)
  • Linking multiple eBay orders to an Amazon order – now you can link additional eBay orders (eg. replacement or missing item etc.) This lets you more accurately track your expenses and profit (click Manage Back-orders in order card)
  • Follow Seller for Amazon listings – now you can configure to follow a certain seller price on Amazon listing (eg. if you want your price to match some certain seller price on the listing)
  • Custom Notes on inventory links – you can now enter individual notes for your inventory links, as well as filter inventory links with notes
  • Export any set of inventory links – now you can filter inventory links by status or keyword (eg. archived, out of stock etc.) and export only these by clicking an Excel icon
  • Now you can export inventory links in drop2amz format (ASIN + eBay ID) – so that you can import them back easily (eg. on different account or after your custom cleanup)
  • Configurable option to auto-confirm AMZL / Amazon Logistics tracking (TBA*****)
  • Checking eBay and cashback login details – test login to eBay via specified cashback, eBay account verification by SMS


  • Improved ROI calculation – ROI is now calculated as Net Profit / Net Expense where Net Expense is what you paid for purchasing (eg. on eBay or manually entered)
  • If order confirmation failed for some reason – the system will now show tracking details along with the error so that you can easily confirm manually (without having to visit eBay to get the tracking)
  • Improved checking eBay Daily Deals item status
  • Performance improvements to My Inbox and messaging
  • More PayPal captcha solving (before login and after selecting card)
  • Improved Inventory Changes monitoring (decrease “noise”)
  • Auto-confirm Lasership / 7LSP / LSP trackings
  • Improved error handling on submitting refunds / order cancellation
  • Major performance improvements to filtering and sorting Batch Search results
  • As usual, numerous other improvements and fixes for your best dropshipping epxerience


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with access permissions (didn’t allow sorting inventory even if user had Inventory permissions)
  • Fixed TopCashback login after changes on TopCashback (auto-solving login Recaptcha + new login form)
  • Fixed pausing inventory link on unfulfilled orders exceeding certain configured threshold
  • A bunch of other smaller fixes to user interface