• Added Exclude from Automatic Auto-Purchase option to inventory link configuration view – now you can exclude certain inventory links from automatic auto-purchase (appears only if Automatic Auto-Purchase configured)
  • Added Do not auto-purchase eBay Daily Deals items option to Account Settings – allows to exclude eBay Daily Deals items from Automatic Auto-Purchase
  • Added Pause inventory link while unfulfilled orders above Qty. on Amazon – allows limiting sales, eg. at night. With this option turned on, system will temporary disable the inventory link as soon as you receive orders more than specified by Qty. on Amazon option
  • Added Custom Proxy option to eBay account settings – this way you can specify your custom proxy to use for Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare (increases stability and security)
  • Added order notification Seller updated tracking details – appears when the system notices that the seller provided the tracking different from what is confirmed in the system. Especially useful when you confirmed with blank or fake tracking and now awaiting for the seller to provide an actual tracking


  • New more restrictive Anti-dumping policy – the system will now prevent dumping a listing by repricing 1st seller on listing, even if your configuration allows that. The system will not allow you to set price less than the minimum price on listing UNLESS you specify Preferred Price on ASIN. Reason for this step – unexperienced sellers simply kill too many good listings, and get into troubles (complaints etc.)
  • Added eBay Motors marketplace (millions of items) to Batch Search (available for eBay category search)
  • Major improvements to Amazon / eBay search performance – an average single item search now takes around 90 seconds, and we are now able to make up to 5 individual searches per second in Batch Search mode
  • Major improvement to working with non-standard inventory link configuration – now all links have default configuration and all the configuration inputs are disabled until you turn on Custom settings for this inventory link option. This way you can specify special configuration for the inventory link
  • If order was purchased / prepared by the system (via Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare), then in the order card you may see DD status if the item was in eBay Daily Deals at the moment
  • Constant improvements and reorganizing of internal background processing to make eBay / Amazon checks even more frequent (faster repricing – higher Buy Box %)
  • We are now retrieving eBay and Amazon item categories – this allows us to add new long-waited features soon!
  • Added Not Backordered menu with counter under My Orders main menu – now you can seamlessly monitor count of non-backordered orders
  • Improved Sales report – now Expenses only show everything you paid on eBay (including refunds), and Amazon fees now are moved to separate column (was part of Expenses before)
  • Improvements to Inventory Changes logic to minimize white noise and false alarms

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with eBay Daily Deals Limit-1 strategy
  • Fixed Custom Error form on My Orders (was disabled sometimes)
  • A whole bunch of UI / UX fixes and improvements