• Overlapping Inventory – if you have more than one Amazon account, this new section allows you to effectively monitor and manage inventory intersections between all your connected Amazon accounts
  • Search results live filtering – now you can filter Amazon search results by FBA / Prime / Buy Box status and Max BSR; eBay search results – by Min Sold, Min Stock, Min Seller Rating and Daily Deals status (configured filters are persisted every time you open search results)
  • A bunch of features to make working with eBay Daily Deals items safe. Added filter to My Inventory view. Added option to Manage Pricing to control how you work with Daily Deals items. Added notification if auto-purchase of Daily Deals item failed
  • We are moving to cloud 🙂 During past few weeks we moved most of our server infrastructure to cloud computing solutions – this has already greatly improved our current performance and now allows us to quickly react to sudden activity spikes and maintain our growth


  • Major Batch Search performance boost. It may now take up to 10 minutes to pre-search and find matches for thousands items on eBay / Amazon
  • Better filtering on Batch Search results view – now you can configure multiple filters and hit Apply to apply all of them at once (instead of doing one-by-one and waiting each time for a while)
  • For your eBay account safety, the system will not allow you to use Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare on an eBay account with less than 15 orders in last 2 months
  • More complete and up-to-date Amazon categories tree for Batch Search (imported more than 50,000 Amazon categories vs. 5,000 we had before)
  • Added Mark All as Replied button to Messages – now you can quickly clear your Inbox and start working clean from scratch
  • More stability to Inventory Changes algorithms + added Location tracking for eBay items (eg. to make sure USA item does not silently move to China)
  • Added button Clear All Problems on My Orders > Need Attention view. This now allows to clear all your order problems at once and start over from scratch (especially useful to those who want to start making things right quickly)
  • Now you can re-activate cleared order problem by clicking grey checkmark next to it (especially useful if you accidentally cleared the order problem and needed to re-enable it)
  • Great news for our new users – receive 5% discount when paying your first invoice with Payoneer!
  • As usual, numerous other performance and stability improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with prioritizing custom eBay accounts per Amazon account
  • Fixed feedback and rating retrieval for Amazon items
  • Fixed eBay items retrieval with $1,000+ prices
  • Bunch of other smaller fixes and improvements