• eBay account prioritization / configuration per Amazon account – now you can configure eBay accounts individually per Amazon account (allows to create more complex scenarios)
  • Inventory Export – now you can export all your active inventory into a table (CSV file)
  • Marked Orders – additional filter on My Orders view and on My Orders main menu dropdown. Now you can filter orders that you specifically marked with your custom note / problem
  • Pay with Payoneer – now you can instantly pay our services with zero fees from your Payoneer account (better alternative option due to higher fees of our prior payment processor)
    DISCOUNT Get a 2% discount if you pay with Payoneer by Feb 1, 2018!
  • Allow setting custom date period for individual inventory link traffic stats overview (on inventory link page)


  • Added Keepa BSR chart popup to inventory link form
  • Improved Amazon connection / editing flow
  • Added more fall-back providers for Google Recaptcha solving (more stable Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare)
  • Archived Inventory links are now sorted by archive date by default (now you can see inventory links in the order they were archived)
  • Numerous performance and stability improvements to match our rapid growth


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed order number on inventory link card (for archived links or links with archived items)
  • Fixed a bug with setting Preferred Price / Lot Of for inventory link Amazon items (in some cases)
  • Fixed verifying quantity during Auto-Purchase for 10+ quantities
  • A number of other smaller fixes and typos