• Check city / state / postal code in tracking and notify about potential mismatch in actual order address vs tracking
  • Replaced “Accept eBay address recommendations” with “Address Suggestion” dropdown – you can now choose an action to do if eBay suggests address recommendation: Accept and Continue, Decline and Continue, or Stop and Exit
  • Added “Less than 24 hrs left to ship” notification
  • Keep original shipping date on re-confirm – eg. if you shipped on Jul 12, but then updated tracking on Jul 17 – it will still keep Jul 12 as original shipping date, which helps you save your Late Shipment metrics
  • Unlinked orders are now marked gray + added “Add to My Inventory” link to unlinked order card (starts search by this product in order to add it to My Inventory)
  • You can now unlink the fulfillment order even if it’s shipped on Amazon already. “Unlink” link will appear next to “Shipped” status on the order card if the seller applied a full refund
  • Added “Purchased from account” indication to order card view. Hover your