• Rearrange eBay listings on Search Results view (before you could only do this on Edit Inventory Link view)
  • Preview your expected price, position, profit and ROI for each listing on Search Results (based on your default pricing options)
  • Show listing Buy Box status and price on Search Results view
  • Added Ship Date option on Confirm Shipping view (defaults to today)
  • Added Message to buyer field on Make a Refund view
  • Refund Full Amount link on Make a Refund view (presets full refund amount)
  • Added new filter to My Orders view – “With Refunds”


  • Check and merge inventory links on create and update (before it only checked when adding through Search)
  • Improvements to My Inventory > Amazon Inventory section
  • Handle FDXS carrier properly (another variation of FedEx)

Bug Fixes

  • Some other bug fixes and improvements