Release Update #2321

New Added Exclude from Automatic Auto-Purchase option to inventory link configuration view – now you can exclude certain inventory links from automatic auto-purchase (appears only if Automatic Auto-Purchase configured) Added Do not auto-purchase eBay Daily Deals items option to Account Settings – allows to exclude eBay Daily Deals items from Automatic Auto-Purchase Added Pause inv...

Release Update #2285

New Overlapping Inventory – if you have more than one Amazon account, this new section allows you to effectively monitor and manage inventory intersections between all your connected Amazon accounts Search results live filtering – now you can filter Amazon search results by FBA / Prime / Buy Box status and Max BSR; eBay search results – […]

Release Update #2205

New eBay account prioritization / configuration per Amazon account – now you can configure eBay accounts individually per Amazon account (allows to create more complex scenarios) Inventory Export – now you can export all your active inventory into a table (CSV file) Marked Orders – additional filter on My Orders view and on My Orders main menu dropdown. […]

Happy New Year!

On behalf of the whole drop2amz team please accept our warmest New Year holidays wishes! May this New 2018 Year be productive, successful, peaceful, full of luck and happiness and open new heights for your business. And from our side we will do our best to make it all happen! We Are Looking Forward to […]

Release Update #2030

New Check city / state / postal code in tracking and notify about potential mismatch in actual order address vs tracking Replaced “Accept eBay address recommendations” with “Address Suggestion” dropdown – you can now choose an action to do if eBay suggests address recommendation: Accept and Continue, Decline and Continue, or Stop and Exit Added […]

Release Update#2177

New Inventory changes notifications – monitor any changes to listings in your inventory (eg. title, description, images, brand etc.) Exact quantity on Amazon – now you can specify exact quantity to put on sale on Amazon (in addition to default smart quantity behavior when it shows no more than your supplier has) Becomes useful when fighting for […]

Release Update #2145

New Prevent starting Batch Search against other drop2amz users – to protect each user from stealing their inventory links Show latest screenshot upon Auto-Purchase error (useful to understand what happened, eg. payment not accepted or PayPal login failure etc. Improvements Numerous stability improvements to Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare (PayPal Recaptcha solving and lots of other tricks) [&he...

Release Update #2093

New New filters added to My Inventory: – Sold By Amazon – show listings sold by Amazon – FBA – show listings with FBA sellers – Prime – show listings with Prime sellers – With Preferred Price Specified – listings with specified preferred price – Have Cheaper Sellers Linked – links where there are cheaper […]

Release Update #2085

New Batch Search on eBay and Amazon – now officially launched! Now you can make countless of searches on eBay and Amazon and find hundreds of price opportunities with just a few clicks: – search by eBay seller – search by eBay category – search eBay by keyword – search Amazon by seller – search Amazon […]

Release Update #2068

New Payment Methods configuration – now you can configure multiple payment methods (on Connected Accounts) and bind them to your eBay accounts – this allows configuring fail-over payment scenarios on Auto-Purchase (eg. if failed to pay with card 1, try card 2 and 3, etc.) Try Auto-Purchase subsequently on all my eBay accounts if it fails […]