Release Update #3301

New Add, import and track inventory from Walmart – finally you can natively work with Walmart inventory (price / supply / seller tracking) NOTE – we are actively testing and improving this feature now! 2-factor Authentication with Google Authenticator – we recommend protecting your account with 2-factor authentication in Account Settings now to prevent any unauthorized access...

Release Update #3277

New Amazon Returns Overview – you can now see all your past and current Amazon return requests, track return shipping and monitor return status Improvements Improvements to Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare performance Improved Automatic Auto-Purchase item selection logic – now selects first source item in the inventory link (by priority) that has been ever used to purchase […]

Release Update #3228

New Inventory Settings Groups – finally you can create settings groups for your inventory (unlike it was before when you could only have global inventory settings) This way, you can configure pricing, shipping and other settings individually for multiple categories, listings, sellers etc. Inventory link can only be assigned to one group. For Basic subscription the […]

Release Update #3198

New Max Price Deviation from average for last 3 months – if eBay seller excessively increases the price over this configured threshold % parameter (based on 3 months average), the system will disable such seller until the price returns to an accepted range. This helps you protect your account now when Amazon is more suspicious about […]

Release Update #3179

New Auto-confirm shipping with blank tracking N hours before deadline on Amazon – now you can configure automatic confirming shipping 3, 6 or 12 hours before the Latest Shipping Time Automatic retrieval of tracking number from Seller Central – finally the system can retrieve tracking number and further track it even if you confirmed shipping manually […]

Happy New Year 2020!

Dear users of our platform! Please accept our sincere congratulations with the New Year 2020! drop2amz team wishes you and your families in this new year and in the new decade prosperity, success, good health, best of luck selling on Amazon, profitable orders, only 5-star feedbacks, high Buy Box % and let Seller Performance Team […]

Release Update #3128

New Filterable Search Ideas – now you can filter through millions of search results in our database and narrow down your search to find the most interesting links. NOTE: This is a Professional feature and is only available publicly temporarily during testing! Amazon Sales Estimate Indicator – now available for each listing in numerous places throughout the […]

Release Update #2933

New Support re-using custom / own SKUs – finally this allows to add own listings into the system. Offers with custom SKU will not be deleted (when needed), instead quantity will be temporarily set to 0  FBA / Prime / Business Buyer orders status identification and support + corresponding filters in Orders ) White Lists – now you […]

Release Update #2904

New  FBA / Prime / Business Buyer orders status identification and support + corresponding filters in Orders Added Shipping Service Category information to order – Same Day, Second Day, Expedited, Standard etc., as well as Premium Shipping Auto-Purchase any eBay item, even if it’s not in the inventory link – eg. if you need to send some additional […]

Release Update #2835

New Referral Program – we have finally officially launched our Referral Program for you to get rewarded for recommending our service! You get 10% of our profits from users you refer, forever! Read more… Full support of Amazon listing variations – now we support any kind of listing variations on Amazon! Auto-confirm with blank tracking number – if seller […]