Sometimes for the users who use Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare it happens that eBay resets the connection with the system, and also sometimes resets your eBay password. Apparently, on eBay, there are regular updates that tighten security measures, which impede the normal work.

The reasons of problem and solutions

At the moment, we have identified the following reasons that may lead to reset eBay connection, as well as the suggested ways to solve them:

  • Starting many purchases / preparations – such activity may be considered suspicious by eBay. The system purchases gradually one by one, but it is possible that sometimes even such a consistent pace is too fast for eBay. Start batches of 4-6 purchases, or turn on Automatic Auto-Prepare or Automatic Auto-Purchase. This will launch Auto-Prepare (or Auto-Purchase) as orders arrive, thereby distributing purchases more evenly over time.
  • Wrong eBay login password – if you changed your password on eBay but did not update it in the system, or entered a wrong password – the system will unsuccessfully try to log in to your eBay with this invalid password, thereby causing fair suspicions from eBay. Always keep current actual password in the system.
  • Using eBay Bucks along with other cashbacks – in the hope of getting doubled cashback you only make your situation worse, as this is usually monitored and you won’t get cashback twice, but eBay can get aware of an attempt to cheat. Don’t do that.
  • Attempts to purchase eBay Daily Deals products from different accounts. Learn more about eBay Daily Deals…

If you have your own experience and thoughts about this – we will be glad to hear them!

If you prefer, you can set up a proxy server in your eBay account settings through which the purchase will take place – this way you can achieve the effect that the purchase goes directly from your computer – which will further increase the confidence of eBay. If the problem of connection reset bothers you quite often – you might think about this option (contact support for details)

We are also currently working on an extension to Google Chrome, which will allow you to do Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare directly in your browser. This will maximize the security of the process, and get rid of any problems with eBay (as well as many other utilities)

What to do if eBay connection resets?

If eBay resets connection, you will receive a red notification on the top of the site, and this account will be highlighted red in the Connected Accounts.

  1. It is necessary to restore the connection as soon as possible – while the connection is reset the system cannot monitor orders on eBay and therefore cannot confirm shipping to Amazon in time. To do this, go to Settings – Connected Accounts and click the green Re-Connect button on the corresponding account (this button appears only when there is a connection problem)
  2. Then, if eBay also asked you to change your password, you should definitely enter a new password for this account.
  3. The last step is to verify account connection and the password entered. To do this, click on the Verify Login button that should have appeared (after successful verification the button disappears)

If, during the verification process eBay requests confirmation via SMS, the system will notify you and ask you to enter the received SMS message for verification. Make sure that you have the current actual mobile phone number in your eBay account settings.