Automatic Auto-Purchase allows you to start Auto-Purchase for incoming orders automatically immediately, or at a certain interval (from 30 minutes to 12 hours) at 3 am, and by 10 am, he was no longer with the seller on eBay)

Configure Automatic Auto-Purchasing

To turn on Automatic Auto-Purchase, you need to select the appropriate action in the “Upon New Order” field in Account Settings in the Fulfillment Automation. Here you can specify the maximum purchase price – for inventory links with a cost above the threshold, Automatic Auto-Purchase will not start. You can also exclude the automatic Auto-Purchase of eBay Daily Deals.

Even with Automatic Auto-Purchase enabled, you can exclude certain bundles – to do this, simply enable the corresponding checkbox in the bundle settings.

Automatic Auto-Purchase will not start if:

  • the ordered items were not previously purchased in the system (the fact of the purchase confirms the correctness of the inventory links)
  • on the last order of this item was refund
  • the number of pieces in the listing does not match (for inventory link with non-standard quantities of pieces)
  • this is an eBay Daily Deals item, and Account Settings indicate that you do not purchase such items (see above)
  • inventory link excluded from Automatic Auto-Purchasing (see above)
  • the purchase price exceeds the maximum price for Auto-Purchasing specified in Account Settings (see above)
  • there are unprocessed Inventory Changes for this item
  • before the start of the purchase, a letter came from the buyer for this order
  • before the start of the purchase, the purchase price exceeded the sale price (the item became unprofitable)