The Automatic 1-Click Back-Order feature allows you to fulfill incoming orders in literally just one click. It makes the purchase of selected linked source item on eBay automatically on your behalf.

Without the 1-click Back-Order feature, when a new Amazon order arrives you have to fulfill it manually:

  1. Open the linked item on eBay
  2. Purchase it on eBay
    1. Copy-paste buyer details and shipping address
    2. Specify quantity
    3. Choose payment method
  3. Confirm back-order on drop2amz

Typically, this takes 5 to 10 minutes but you have to be at your workplace (you can’t do that from mobile)

However, if you configure the 1-Click Back-Order feature you will be able to do this in just 1 click! Anywhere – on you workplace computer or from your mobile on the go. All you need to do is:

  1. Open the order in your drop2amz account:

  2. Click the green Back-Order Now… link – the Back-Order Item popup opens up
  3. Choose one of the linked source items and click green Select button on it
    • Modify the default Message to Seller if you need
  4. Click green 1-Click Order button:

The automatic back-order process usually takes around 3 minutes – you don’t have to do anything else

The benefits are obvious – you can now fulfill incoming orders anytime anywhere, just click 1-Click Order and you’re done with this order. This is very important when you can’t manually fulfill new orders during the day and do this in the evening – by that time the source item seller on eBay may run out of stock, especially during high sales seasons, and you’ll get into trouble.

If the automatic back-order process completes with error – you will notice this in the order view. You will have to back-order it manually then, but typically error rate does not exceed 3-5%

Now that you are (likely) interested in this feature – please proceed to setting up the Automatic 1-click Back-Order.