Managing Inventory

Learn about searching, creating and managing your inventory here

Ensuring Correct Shipping Price on eBay

Since you dropship to buyers residing in USA, you have to make sure eBay shows you the correct shipping price. Otherwise you may see incorrect / higher shipping prices, especially if you reside outside USA.

Configuring and Editing Inventory Links

Understanding inventory link configuration options is important for setting up correct pricing, availability and fulfillment rules. You can fully configure the inventory link upon creation, as well as anytime afterwards.

Linked Inventory List

The Linked Inventory section lists all your inventory links. Inventory link is a link between eBay offers and Amazon listings for some specific product. It’s the essential entity on drop2amz. Your primary task is to search and add numerous inventory links to grow your Amazon traffic and sales.

Inventory Import

If your store has unlisted items, you can easily import them. Moreover, it is necessary in order to start using the system fully – as soon as you transfer your inventory to the system, it will automatically begin to monitor availability and prices and will actually take over full management of them. It is also […]

Understanding shipping and taxes on eBay

When purchasing items on eBay, the cost is usually calculated as Price + Shipping + Tax.  If delivery and tax are zero – then there are no nuances with pricing. Consider the impact of non-zero delivery and pricing taxes in the system. Cost of delivery Pricing in the system (when calculating the base price), the […]

Adding Inventory Links

Adding numerous inventory links is your primary task with drop2amz – to cover as many Amazon listings as possible. This is what drives buyers traffic to your store and triggers sales.

Searching Popular Products on eBay

There are many techniques finding products to dropship on Amazon, and one of them is to find a popular well-selling product from a trusted seller on eBay. Let’s review this in detail.

Understanding Search Results View

Search Results view appears when you perform a search (when adding an inventory link) Understanding this view and what you do with it is essential for creating high-quality and top-grossing inventory links and, as such – driving your sales.

Understanding Inventory Links

Inventory Link is a link between eBay offers and Amazon listings for some specific product. Once you create an inventory link, the system constantly monitors changes to linked eBay items and Amazon listings so that you always maintain desired profit level and never sell an product that is already out of stock.