The Complete Solution For Automated Dropshipping

Quick & Easy Setup

Configure your dropshipping setup in just a few minutes - and you're ready to go!

Advanced Search

High-end search engine helps find dozens of price opportunities on eBay and Amazon in minutes

Fully Automated Orders

eBay order tracking and automatic shipping confirmation on Amazon

Step 1 : Connect and Setup

Seamlessly connect your Amazon, eBay and PayPal accounts. Configure your default settings
like Minimum Profit per item, offer position, Fulfillment Period, email templates etc.

Step 2 : Search and Add Price Opportunities

Use our high-end search engine to seamlessly find price opportunities on eBay and Amazon and link them in your account. We'll automatically monitor the items on eBay and Amazon to reprice / remove / re-add your Amazon offers when needed

Step 3 : Back-order on eBay

When order arrives, back-order the linked item on eBay - and we monitor the purchase and confirm shipping on Amazon when eBay supplier ships


Enjoy your profit growing! Observe your sales statistics, Amazon traffic overview and orders performance, and relax.
We do 95% of all work for you!

Find Price Opportunities

Our unique full-text search and image recognition engine simultaneously searches for price opportunities on eBay and Amazon and seamlessly links matching listings

Dropshipping Search Preview

Simultaneously searches eBay and Amazon marketplaces and automatically matches listings by titles and images

Searches for duplicate listings on Amazon to capture as much traffic as possible

Searches for other suppliers on eBay to provide multiple backup purchase options

Presents lots of listing details (sold count, quantity, BSR, offers count, FBA / Prime etc.)

Ranks eBay listings by title / image similarities, supplier ratings, sales and quantity

Intuitive drag&drop interface to fine-tune the automatic results (simply add / remove listings to link)

Monitor Listing Changes

Our platform constantly monitors linked eBay and Amazon listings for price / quantity
changes and takes appropriate actions if anything gets changed

Screen image

Removes / re-adds your Amazon offers based on suppliers' quantity and other factors

Reprices your Amazon offers to maintain desired position or if eBay supplier price changes

Maintains predefined profit factor and ensures your offers always remain profitable

Automate Your Orders

Receive new orders from Amazon, back-order them on eBay and just wait while the seller ships  
the platform will retrieve tracking number and confirm shipping on Amazon
This ensures fastest processing and provides best buyer experience

Screen image

Retrieves new orders from Amazon and back-orders from eBay
Automatically confirms shipping on Amazon when eBay seller ships
Alerts you if shipping / delivery takes too long

Simple option to back-order linked items on eBay - just click Order and configure your purchase on eBay

Monitors order shipping status / delivery progress and alerts you if there is a problem (eg. tracking number is invalid, order stuck in pre-transit or in-transit state etc.)

Sends highly configurable HTML emails for different events of order lifecycle (new, processed, shipped, delivered, feedback request etc.)
(default templates provided in Settings)

Monitor Your Growth and Performance

We offer a plenty of reporting tools and options for you to measure your dropshipping business growth and success

Screen image

Keep track of performance, orders, notifications and current operations on the Dashboard

Detailed Sales report shows how your sales are going over any desired period, along with ROI and averages

Monitor and analyze your Amazon traffic and conversion for better understanding your buyer needs

More Features Coming Soon!

We're constantly working on improving our platform, as we are using it ourselves and we always feel a need in more features. Check out our plans for new features

Support More Shops

Hayneedle, Walmart, Wayfair etc.

Amazon Marketplaces

Adding support for more Amazon marketplaces

Search Currently Unavailable Listings

DONE – available in Professional plan

Create Own Listings

Own brand, own listings - more opportunities

Feedback Monitoring

We'll be importing and monitoring your Amazon store feedback

Amazon Messages Integration

DONE – see My Mailbox in your account


Our pricing is extremely simple – you pay from 5% to 10% of your profits in the billing period.
Please use a simple calculator below to estimate your usage costs:

Total profits this month, USD Calculate

Additionally, you can choose a paid subscription to extended functionality:

Max total inventory size to monitor
Work with multiple Amazon and eBay accounts simultaneously
Automated order fulfillment (auto-purchase on eBay)
Automatic shipping confirmation and tracking monitoring
Amazon buyer messages monitoring and management
Detailed inventory and Amazon traffic statistics
Seamless inventory import and export
Public and custom brands and sellers blacklists
Limited access for employees (search, inventory, orders)
Amazon listing sales estimate indicator
Search eBay and Amazon by custom lists
Search eBay and Amazon by category
Search eBay and Amazon by seller
Search eBay and Amazon by keywords
Search eBay and Amazon by brand
Deeper search on eBay and Amazon
Don't publish search results after it is archived
Calculate and show Relative BSR (BSR %)
Work with cross-border items and sellers on eBay
Max parallel searches slots
Search priority
Concurrent pricing priority
Deep search Currently Unavailable listings on Amazon
Deep search Amazon listings without FBA / Prime
Deep search Amazon listings without Buy Box
Analyze, filter and search Amazon Best Sellers lists
Global Search Ideas filtering (FBA / Buy Box / Currently Unavailable etc.)
Smart automatic growing of Amazon listing price and profitability
Automatic search new suppliers and listings for current inventory
Real-time feed of fresh Currently Unavailable listings and listings with increased prices
Amazon reviews and performance metrics monitoring
Order fulfillment insurance (drop2amz refunds fulfillment costs)
Manage your account via drop2amz API
$19 / mo.
without connecting accounts

Invoices are generated on 10th – 15th each month for the profits earned during the previous month.
You can pay the invoices online via Payoneer, PayPal or credit card.

Payoneer logo white Visa mc paypal


All you need to start working is:

Amazon Professional Seller
For managing your inventory and orders via the Amazon API

Active eBay and PayPal Accounts
For purchase of goods and orders tracking

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